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My deepest intention is to help you create an authentic life that represents the full expression of who you are. 

I want to work with you if you are ready to look deep inside and connect with the parts of yourself that have been hidden for so long. I encourage you to welcome old wounds to resurface so you can make peace with them.

I learned to heal myself, and I want to guide you during your process of self-discovery by sharing all the tools that helped me on my own healing journey.

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These are my offerings...

REWIRE - My 4 month Signature Program

1:1 Healing Activation - A more intimate experience where we get to work in a way that is focused on your personal needs.

Awakening Possibilities - A 5 day journey to unleash your true potential.

From Survival to Freedom Guide - This guide will help you dive a little deep in this journey of self-exploration.

If you don't know where to start and you are curious about my work...
This is a FREE gift that I created to help you understand some of the principles of this journey.

Client Testimonials

"Sabrina has been extremely instrumental in the ways I view my personal health and wellness. In our time together, she took a comprehensive approach to addressing various aspects of my life from mindfulness and mindset to food and exercise. Sabrina has a unique ability to ask thought-provoking questions that allow me to think critically about my choices and my life, and come to answers about my health on my own. One of my favorite aspects of Sabrina's sessions is the way she would give me a renewed sense of inspiration week after week. I consistently left the session feeling hopeful, grounded and confident in myself. After our 6 weeks together, I am meeting my daily exercise and movement goals, eating mindfully and beginning to practice intentional mindfulness - all of which I had completely abandoned in the past year as I faced some major life transitions. I am grateful for my time with Sabrina and I highly recommend her as a health coach." 


Phoebe Rader-Gale

San Francisco - CA

"Since working with Sabrina I feel that I have awaken a part of me that I lost since 2020. I have been able to process and identify my core short-term goals, long-term goals, and overall vision for my life. I love the way Sabrina supports and guides you through your journey asking thought provoking questions. Her style is unmatched by the way she actively listens when you speak, validates you, as well as challenges you to open your mindset. I would recommend Sabrina if you are trying to make life style changes in all aspects of your life. What I have taken away from Sabrina overall is to check in with myself daily making sure I make thoughtful decisions and allow myself to pour all the positive things I bring to the world to myself."

Ed Taniqua Moore



"I want to thank you with all my heart for your time and effort. Our time together has been extremely helpful. I am so happy and grateful for meeting you and for having the opportunity to work together.

You have such a beautiful energy and our experience together helped me to understand and accept things from myself that I had to work on.

I just want to thank you so much for this experience and the impact it had in my life."


Fernando Diaz Casas

      Lima - Perú

"Sabrina, your patience and your support have been very helpful. All the insight after every session gave me all the tools to understand what I had to do.

These few months meeting with you have made a big impact in my life, I needed it so much and for that I would always be very grateful."

    Sara Gallosa

Concord - California


"The sessions with Sabrina helped me so much in many ways. It was a space to express myself without judgment, where I felt very safe.

I could relax and connect with myself in a deeper way.

Sabrina helped me find all those wounds that I had to heal, to be able to create the life I want. All this time together has been very eye opening and I am very thankful for that."


Antonella Alibrandi

      Lima - Perú

"I always believed things happen when they need to happen. Not before or after, for how logical or repetitive it sounds.

When I realized I could have the opportunity to have sessions with Sabrina, I said to myself: This is my moment!

And it was so special, the sessions were simply a safe space to be able to show myself vulnerable and express everything I feel and think.

It was a beautiful experience were I could allow myself to share my light and dark thoughts, to be able to stop analyzing them but learning from them.

The journey of getting to know ourselves it’s sometimes confusing, but that goes far behind when you see that the most beautiful part is to enjoy it.

Sabrina allowed me to do that and to be present.

I invite everyone that probably feel they are alone or they are ashamed to share those intense emotions and feelings.

I invite you to give yourself a chance, the opportunity to externalize everything you feel. Sabrina is a beautiful being that brings so much calmness, and specially the trust that she will deeply listen.

Maybe that is the kind of light support that you need to give your life a different perspective. For me it was, and I will be eternally grateful for that. "


    Brenda Lorena

      Lima - Perú

 Building Foundation

I want to share with you this FREE gift and invite you to explore every lesson with an open heart.

Join my community to receive your free copy and get all my inside tools & inspiration to support you on this journey!

Thank you for joining!

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