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I have a strong passion to help change the world and connect with communities around it. All my life & experiences have prepared me to master the healing arts and understand deeply all the range of emotions. I have struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and feeling really lost in myself. My long journey of learning how to recover from 20 years of eating disorders by myself got me into understanding how disconnected I was from myself & my body. I have gained profound insights into the mind, body, and spirit. Through my training as a Certified Health Coach and Sound & Energy Healer, I have developed a holistic approach to healing that involves many tools like meditation, body movements, breathing techniques, sound healing and an intuitive guidance that is created through channeling.

Being raised in Perú and moving to the US at the age of 25 by myself has give me a deep appreciation for my rich culture and a strong sense of gratitude for being able to create a meaningful life wherever I am. It was at a very difficult moment in my life, when I thought I lost everything, that I made a huge leap and decided to go backpacking with my twin sister around Europe & Asia or 5 month. It was there where my healing journey started and I discovered meditation in India by training with a master.

Since then, I have studied and experienced many kinds of healing methods that have allowed me to understand that we are all capable of healing ourselves and do it in a way that makes sense for us.

I want to help you uncover the root causes of your struggles and create a deeper understanding of who you are so you can create a better relationship with yourself. My art is helping you heal from the inside out so you can release stuck energy and connect with your true essence. Intuition & honesty are my #1 pillars to guide you and support you with the truth of what you need in this precise moment. Every session is different and every experience is intuitively channeled to connect with your needs. I am deeply committed to create a safe and authentic space for everyone that chooses to work with me and I will always guide you with compassion and truth.

I learned all the tools that helped me create a life where I lead with intention and connection with my true essence, and there is nothing that brings me more calmness and gratitude that being able to do this for myself and others. 

I invite you to give yourself the chance to create a life that is fully connected to who you are.

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