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I believe that is through the work that we do for ourselves, that we can change the world for everyone else, helping create a better planet together.

I am in complete service to the world and the communities around it.

My childhood traumas and experiences traveling as an adult have opened myself in unimaginable ways.


My own healing journey allowed me to understand the mind, body & spirit to be able to heal from our

energetic field.

I am Certified from the ADAPT Health Coach program through the Functional Medicine Health Coach Training by the Kresser Institute, which is accredited through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. Also, Certified as a Sound & Energy Healer.

Meditation, body movements, and breathing techniques are part of my core philosophy. My intention is to heal while connecting deeply to our body and consciousness.

I grew up in Peru, a very rich culture that taught me how to be strong and appreciate the things we have in life. 

Having a twin sister allowed me to understand what building my own personality meant. As a baby, my dad 

abandoned the family, and this experience has had a huge impact on the way my life developed. A lack of confidence developed in myself, and I was afraid of not being loved. 

For many years I was making decisions based on what others wanted from me instead of listening to what I wanted. 

Because of this, I needed validation from others to feel the love that I was missing.

At the age of 13 my dad came back, and I met him for the first time. It was an intense process to be able to build a relationship with him, and to be able to forgive him. During that time, I developed all kinds of eating disorders. 

I became even more disconnected from myself. I was afraid of many things and began struggling with panic attacks and anxiety.

By the age of 25 I decided to leave South America. I came to San Francisco. Without knowing more than very basic English, I started working in the restaurant industry.

I became trapped in a “survival mode” lifestyle where I was working more then what I wanted.

I was constantly feeling like I was trying to get through the day as fast as I could so the weekend could finally arrive.

Looking forward to vacations was my only motivation. 

I was making all my decisions based on what others wanted for me, because it was the only way to feel validated.

I was stuck making everyone happy but myself.

I was trying to fit in to the idea of a perfect life when I decided to get married without knowing that I didn't even wanted it. 

I was still struggling with eating disorders, and completely disconnected from myself, my values, and my mission.

My world crashed when I destroyed my marriage before it even began. Completely lost, depressed, and disconnected from myself, I wanted to disappear from the world. 

I was feeling so lost and guilty that I couldn’t forgive myself. 

I was very disappointed in myself.

In one of the worst moments, I decided to make a huge leap. My twin sister and I decided to go backpacking for 5 months.

This opportunity came to me in the darkest of days. I was able to get up and discover a whole new version of myself. 

I went through nearly unbearable pain, but that allowed me to truly see clearly. I got out of my “safe place” to understand that my life had so much more to offer.

India was one of the last stops on our 5-month backpacking experience, and it taught me the most about myself. I had the opportunity to be part of a retreat just outside of New Delhi. Here I learned for the first time the real meaning of meditation, how to show vulnerability, and to be able to experience openly with whatever was coming through to me.

Transformation comes with discomfort, and with that scary feeling 
that our minds don't like. Once we pass through to the other side the discomfort subsides. Now we have the choice to break old habits and start building new ones. This in turn builds a better relationship with ourselves. 

After exploring the world I have finally had a chance to understand how profound these experiences have been for me. 

I have a new perspective on helping others. 

My spiritual journey helped me discover the truth about who I am and enabled me to heal in a more profound way. I was finally able to connect with my body and feelings. The new commitment to healing allowed me to offer the same to others and is the main reason why I decided to spend my life helping others.

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